Corporate Giving (Charity) Policy

Corporate Giving (Charity) Policy

At FlyPelican, we participate in corporate giving. Supporting health and human services, arts and cultural
programs, as well as education, environmental, and civic organisations, we focus on communities that will be
served now or in the near future. We also prefer to focus on communities where a significant number of our
employees live or work. When considering requests, we favour organisations and efforts that are most likely
to enhance a community's cultural and economic vitality and improve the quality of life for its citizens.

Objectives of our corporate giving program are:
Provide support to charitable and cultural organisations within our communities.
Maintain a reasonable balance of contributions supporting a wide range of organisations.

Areas of giving
To provide support for a wide range of concerns and needs, our corporate giving program efforts are
focused on the following areas:

Medical (emergency/research)
We regularly respond to the need for health and human services relief, especially in the state of NSW, where
transportation infrastructure limits access to medical facilities. Through in-kind contributions, we assist
hundreds of individual emergency and medical transportation needs

Social/community services
From the McGrath Foundation to Sids and Kids, we have established many partnerships within our
communities. Our in-kind support of air transportation enables many organisations to raise money and grant
special wishes to those in need. Across our system, our employees use their hearts and hands serving as
board members with non-profit organisations, volunteering in their communities, and participating in

We are proud to celebrate the strength and artistic excellence of the many arts organisations within our
communities. Through our giving programs, we focus on both art education and creating increased
resources for the arts. We believe that building audiences and generating support for the arts are crucial to
the growth of our youth and continued strength of our communities. 

Giving guidelines
We accept requests for in-kind transportation. Limited resources necessitate focused giving. As such,
support is generally granted on a one-time basis only.

At FlyPelican we do not provide support for:

  • Groups that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, alienage or citizenship status,
    age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or any other basis protected by applicable
  • Religious, political organisations
  • Organisations whose prime purpose is to influence legislation
  • Individual requests
  • Team events
  • Prizes for incentives
  • Organisations raising funds for other non-profits
  • Online auctions
  • Scholarships
  • Capital projects
  • Multi-year commitment or automatic renewal grants
  • General operating expenses
  • Loans and grants to individuals or private business.

How to apply
Requests for FlyPelican corporate contributions may be submitted at any time during the year via email.
Please be sure your request is submitted a minimum of six weeks prior to the event or print deadline for the
event's promotional materials.