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Flights to Canberra

More than just Australia’s capital city, Canberra is renowned for its museums, galleries and timeless attractions. Canberra, offers a wide range of attractions and activities that cater to various interests. Whether you're a history enthusiast, nature lover or art fanatic. Despite being home to Australia's parliament and several historic artefacts, Canberra is also home to hopping brewpubs, secret spots, peaceful nature, and family-friendly attractions. Visit the region of Canberra for business or pleasure with FlyPelican and immerse yourself in Australia’s urban and historical culture. 


FlyPelican operates direct flights between Newcastle and Canberra with up to 30 flights per week, with one way fares starting from $199 one-way. With a flight time of just 60 minutes this provides you with the opportunity to spend a full business day in Canberra and return home that same afternoon or alternatively stay for the week or weekend. Whether it's for business or pleasure FlyPelican offers a variety of affordable Canberra flights, so you can ensure efficient service. 


We provide not only a convenient flight schedule but also premium snacks with complimentary beer/wine available on all afternoon and evening services. Velocity Frequent Flyer members can also earn Velocity Frequent Flyer points on all fare types on flights between Newcastle and Canberra.

With a flight time of just 60 minutes this provides you with the opportunity to spend a full business day in Canberra and return home that same afternoon or alternatively stay for the week or weekend.


Things To Do in Canberra

Find a mix of history, art and the outdoors in Australia's capital city. Filled with plenty of things to do and see, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your stay in the city of Canberra. 


History & Culture

Visit the Australian War Memorial to learn more about the sacrifices made by Australian servicepeople. Learn about Australia's history of involvement in wars, pay your respects at the memorial walls, and tour the museum featuring military memorabilia and treasures. Just nearby is the Australian Parliament House, take a guided tour to discover the spectacular architecture, learn about the political process, and see the rooms where significant decisions are made. Lastly, at the National Museum of Australia, you can explore Australia’s rich history and culture through engaging exhibitions and displays. Explore the social and political history of the country, learn about the heritage of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and interact with multimedia installations.


Arts & Events

Experience Australia's largest art museum, the National Gallery of Australia, and its rich collection of local and foreign artwork. Admire the creations of well-known artists, go to exhibitions, and participate in workshops and guided tours. Additionally, the city hosts festivals, cultural events, and markets all year long, giving you extra chances to take in the diverse and lively atmosphere of Australia's capital city


Outdoors & Scenery

Take in the peace and tranquillity of the Australian National Botanic Gardens, which features a wide variety of natural Australian plants. Take a leisurely stroll, prepare a picnic, and discover the distinctive plants and habitats that give Australia its wide range of flora and fauna. If you’d like a more kid friendly alternative, you can get up close with a variety of animals, including native Australian species and exotic creatures from around the world at the Australian National Zoo. Take part in animal encounters, join feeding sessions, and learn about wildlife conservation efforts.

Why Visit Canberra?

Although Canberra is well renowned for its national landmarks, local artists and knowledgeable history enthusiasts equally adore the city's cultural institutions and historic places. Canberra has a wealth of natural beauty at your doorstep. Book a Flight with FlyPelican to enjoy a culinary paradise with a side of magnificent nature, and family-friendly activities. 


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