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'The Copper City', a fascinating town rich in mining heritage and natural attractions. Take some time to visit fascinating museums and colonial buildings, explore open-cut mines and marvel at ancient Aboriginal rock art. The town retains much of its colonial 19th-century architecture making you feel like you’ve just been transported back in time. 


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Things to Do in Cobar

Cobar is a town located in New South Wales, known for its mining history and unique attractions. Here are some things to do in the city of Cobar



Cobar has been a mining town for more than 100 years.A trip to the New Cobar Open Cut Gold Mine and the Peak Gold Mine is still a must-do item on every traveller's agenda today. One of those deceptive country villages, Cobar appears on the surface to be just another rural town. However, just behind the exterior lies an extraordinary museum, a first-rate Mining Heritage Park, and an outstanding exhibition of Aboriginal rock art at Mount Grenfell. 


Great Cobar Museum

In 1911, Cobar was Australia's top copper producer, and nearby mines also produced gold and silver. The Great Cobar Heritage Centre allows visitors to learn about Cobar's rich history as well as the wealth of these mines. It covers both the Aboriginal and mining heritage with plenty of exhibitions and conservation works. 


Mount Grenfell National Park

This National Park is the most significant attraction in Cobar. One of the most important Aboriginal rock art sites in the nation is protected by this national park, which is located about 40 km north-west of Cobar. The peak of this 4 kilometre walking trail has spectacular views. 


Cobar Sound Chapel

The newest tourist attraction in Cobar, NSW, is the Cobar Sound Chapel. This is an art installation inside a disused, century-old water tank.The interior architecture was designed with the music in mind, and William Blake poetry is inscribed on the wall.


Why Visit Cobar?

Outback terrain and open areas make up the surroundings and landscape of Cobar, meaning there is plenty of opportunity to experience the outdoors with activities such as hiking, walks and discovering the scenic surrounds and habitats. Additionally, the cities rich mining history means that visitors can experience the history of the Australian outback, scenery and community. Book a flight and visit this small town that will provide you with that country lifestyle experience filled with beautiful landscapes, locals and history. 



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