Sponsorship Policy

Sponsorship Policy

Sponsorship Proposal Guidelines:

Sponsorships as defined by Pelican Airlines are a short to medium term contractual acquisition of the right to
associate FlyPelican and its products and services with a third party owned “property” deemed to have
strategic fit with FlyPelican’s commercial goals. All sponsorship requests will be evaluated in accordance
with FlyPelican’s business requirements and Sponsorship Policy.

Due to high volumes of requests currently being processed, please allow up to 7 – 10 working days for feedback
from FlyPelican.

The following general guidelines should be considered before submitting proposals to FlyPelican:

  • There must be clear demonstration and quantifiable Return On Investment (ROI) for FlyPelican
  • Sponsorship requested may not be in the form of cash. Only Value in Kind proposals can be considered.
  • Timing of proposals should allow sufficient time for FlyPelican to plan for implementation and
  • FlyPelican will focus only on a limited number sponsorship properties and award is at the sole
    discretion of FlyPelican management.
  • Proposals which fall outside of this process will not be considered.

FLY PELICAN cannot consider or participate in sponsorships:

  • That do not have a measurable ROI
  • That relate to religious groups, political parties and related activities
  • That negatively impact the environment
  • Of one off or unsustainable activities or events (unless there is a proven business return)
  • Relating to events or activities that are exclusionary on the basis of race, religion, gender or disability