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Aircraft Charter Services

Corporate Air Transport

FlyPelican understands the dynamic environment in which business operates today, and knows that when engaged properly, aircraft charter can be a very valuable business tool. A company's ability to act swiftly and move resources at a moment's notice can be the difference between a deal lost or a deal won. Being able to hold meetings while en-route to your destination, avoiding lengthy airport queues and being able to travel where and when you want allows business and staff to make the most efficient use of time.

Whether it's an urgent stakeholder meeting in Melbourne, regular business meetings in Canberra, a media crew needing to get on location fast with all their bulky equipment, executives travelling to a conference or a rapid response to a situation developing at a remote site, FlyPelican can assist you with the provisioning of safe and efficient air transport.

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Private Charter

Chartering aircraft is usually considered an expensive option for private air travel, and in most cases it often is. But if you're travelling with a group; end of season footy trip, skiing trip, tour group, or you need to travel to destinations not served by airlines and want to avoid lengthy road trips, chartering an aircraft may offer an affordable alternative.

When you take into account the expenses and hassles associated with airline flights, such as; costs to/from the major airports, parking fees, long check-in and security queues, delayed flights, not being seated with your travelling companions, luggage restrictions etc sharing the cost of a charter flight with your group may be cheaper than you think!

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FIFO - Servicing the needs of the resource sector

FIFO - Open Cut Mine

Our passenger division is committed to servicing the needs of the mining, energy and resources sector through the provisioning of safe, reliable and efficient air transport solutions.

We understand the importance of being able to move personnel safely and quickly to remote sites. Whether it's workers on FIFO rotations, site visits for executives or business partners, or emergency response crews, FlyPelican have the resources and experience to meet your needs.

We specialise in getting into and out of regional airstrips as safely and as cost effectively as possible. We do this by tailoring solutions to meet your direct and specific requirements and can provide services on a contracted or ad-hoc basis.

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